Welcome to my website (which is really part of my brother's website, so thanks Nils).
At some point, I might learn a little web design to make this pretty, but for now I'll keep it plain and simple.
I've put a bunch of my artwork and computer programs that I've coded up here, linked below.
The artwork is mostly landscape paintings (often from Sweden), and the programs tend toward physics simulations or math/geometry demos. Originally, I made Java applets, but with Java applets going out of favor (security settings on most browsers won't let you run applets -- I only have luck with Internet Explorer these days), I've learned some Javascript and HTML5 to make some new programs. They should work both on computers and smart phones.

Javascript/HTML5 canvas programs

Program: Description: Date of Creation:
N-body simulator Add planets that gravitationally interact September 2014
Delaunay triangulation Calculate Delaunay triangulation for points placed in the plane October 2015
Voronoi game 2-player game of placing points to maximize area of Voronoi regions October 2015
Weighted Voronoi diagrams Calculate additively-weighted Voronoi diagrams December 2015

Java applets

Program: Description: Date of Creation:
Arkanoid Brick-breaker type game with curved paddle (and high scores) November 2008
2D Ball Simulation Collide 2D balls, add gravity and/or electricity December 2008
Solar System Add planets or stars to a solar system December 2008
Fractal Generator Edit iterative mappings to create fractals January 2009
Computational Geometry Applet Find triangulations of polygons and point sets, add guards February 2009
Buoyancy Simulation Simulate motion of rectangles feeling buoyant forces April 2009
Robot Freeze Tag Find optimum schedules for waking up robots April 2009
3D Simulation Create, view, and move around in 3D environments with various shapes (including reflection) June 2009
Potential Flow Simulation Visualize a fluid flowing past various objects, approximated as a potential flow June 2009
Balls 2.0 (Spin and Paddle included) Collide 2D spinning balls with each other, the walls, and a movable paddle. August 2009
Fluid Simulation Real-time 2D fluid simulation. September 2009
Arkanoid 2.0 Newer version of brick-breaker type game, still curved paddle November 2009
Robot Rendezvous Simulate convergence of robots using various schemes January 2010
Level Set Evolution Draw curves and evolve them with various speeds in the normal direction using the level set method April 2011

Videos of Programs

Program: Description: Date of Creation:
2D Ball Simulation (version 3) Lots of balls with good collision response, (looks like water) August 2009
Star Cluster Animation in animated GIF format (Rotating or stationary view) Evolution of a cluster of particles under gravitational attraction April 2010
Star Cluster Animation in avi format (Rotating or stationary view) Evolution of a cluster of particles under gravitational attraction April 2010


Click on an image to see it in high resolution.

Swedish landscapes:

I did all of these paintings based off of photographs of the Swedish summer camp (Brevik) I went to and worked at for many years.
They're shown here in approximately the order I painted them in.

First landscape:

This was the first landscape I painted in high school, taking the entire second semester of my freshman year.

Swedish Summer

This was the second landscape I painted in high school, taking the entire second semester of my sophomore year.

This was the first painting I did in college, the fall of my freshman year.

This was the second painting I did in college (kind of), starting the spring of my freshman year, but not finishing until the winter of my junior year.

I painted this as a gift for my cousin Zandra's wedding. Click here to see the progression of the painting in seven stages as an animation.

One of my few non-painted landscapes, this was done in a printmaking (lithography) class fall of sophomore year at Williams. I forgot to mirror image the photograph when I drew it on the plate, so Brevik is mirror imaged in the print.

Other landscapes:

(These were mostly done in high school.)

The view from a window in my house in the winter.

The view from a hotel window on vacation in Florida.

Niagara Falls

Some river, at West Point.

High school frisbee.

Poker Flats at Williams College with members of the 07 Frisbee team.

40 landscape paintings, done in a one-week span for a Painting class at Williams College.


My dad playing the grand piano at home.

High school frisbee: me, Greg Desimone, and Josh Sargrad from left to right.

Self-portrait from senior year of high school, in gray colored pencils.

Same self-portrait, redone on Notepad for a Drawing class at Williams.

Portrait of Dave Ahern (back when he looked like Jesus).

Portrait of 11 month old Johan, given as a Christmas gift to Lars, Shaena, and Johan in 2010.

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