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(Note - You don't need to use the keyboard at all, but it may make it easier to move around)

WASD (or arrow keys): Move forward and backward, strafe left and right
Q,E: Rotate horizontally left or right
R,F: Rotate vertically
T,G (or 1,0 on Num pad): Shift up or down in the z-direction


Move around and edit 3D environments with this applet. The controls on the interface can be used to:
1) Change the viewer's position and direction
2) Move the light source around
3) Add and remove the following shapes: (rectangular prisms, cubes, spheres, circles, cylinders, and arbitrary polygons)
(Note - When choosing coordinates for arbitrary polygons, once you have placed 3 points, you only need to specify
two of the coordinates to add more vertices, since they have to lie on the existing plane. This won't work if the plane is parallel
to the XY, XZ, or YZ planes.)
4) Change settings that affect how the scene is portrayed, like the number of reflections a light ray can make, the resolution, and the lighting style.

Also, the three arrows show the directions of the positive x, y, and z axes, and a drop box contains a few presets showing some possible things you can do with the program.

Last updated 6/26/09