If you click outside of the screen, click back inside it to enable the controls again. Also, changing the font size of this page will mess up the layout of the game.


Left and Right arrow keys: Move the paddle
X: Release the ball, fire laser or missile, let go of ball when you have sticky powerup (green)
Ctrl: Hold to slow paddle movement (for finer control)
+ (not on num pad): Press (and hold) to speed all balls up (after collisions you might be left with just a really slow ball)
R: Press (and hold) to curve ball left when you have the god mode powerup (purple)
T: Press (and hold) to curve ball right when you have the god mode powerup (purple)
Esc: Sacrifice your current life and restart the stage


Color: Power:
Blue Bigger, flatter paddle
Dark Blue Split all blocks in two
Gray Smaller paddle
Green Sticky paddle (release with X)
Yellow Bigger balls
Purple God Mode (see controls)
Red Laser (fire with X)
Dark Green Missile (fire with X, destroys all blocks within circle around contact)
Cyan Split 1 ball into 3 balls
White Extra points per block (100 instead of 70), but increased curvature from spin
Gold Unstoppable ball (doesn't bounce off blocks, just destroys them)

More Information:

Objective: Destroy the blocks in each level without running out of lives.
There are a total of 18 stages.
You get points for destroying blocks (70 per block), getting powerups (150 per powerup), and completing stages (1000 per level).

Silver blocks take two hits to destroy.
Gold blocks can't be destroyed (unless you have the unstoppable ball powerup or a missile) and they don't need to be destroyed to complete a stage.
You can only have one powerup at a time.
A ball's speed increases every time it bounces off something.

This is an updated version of my other Arkanoid game, which is at http://cfb.qqnoobs.com/Arkanoid/
Based off of the original Arkanoid game, which you can see at http://www.nintendo8.com/game/37/arkanoid/

Questions, comments, or suggestions? Email me at cfbrasz@gmail.com


Last updated 9/9/13.